Compensating For Your Suffering

Serious injuries have serious impact. Who you choose to represent your life altering injuries will mean all the difference in how you move forward with your health, family, job and peace of mind. With 25 years of experience in Personal Injury Law, Richard will ensure that your claim gets the time and resources necessary to achieve maximum compensation for your suffering.

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Types of Compensation



An injured victim is entitled to compensation for pain and suffering caused by an accident.  The amount payable will depend on the nature and extent of your injuries.  Injuries are defined as both physical and psychological.


In Alberta the Minor Injury Regulations place a cap on “minor injuries.”  Many injuries however, are not capped and you should seek the advice of a lawyer prior to settling with an insurance company. 



Injured victims often need to take time away from work to recover from their injuries.  In some instances they will never return to their pre-accident employment.  Richard Edwards will guide you through the process of recovering lost income by securing disability benefits, CPP (Canada Pension Plan) Disability, AISH (Assured Income for Severely Handicapped Albertans) and most importantly past and future loss of income.


Richard Edwards will prove your claim by retaining educational and vocational psychologists as well as securing the best medical opinions available.  Contact us today to discuss the recovery of your income and future losses.



Many injured victims often struggle with activities of daily living and require rehabilitation from services that re unavailable in the public sector.


Richard Edwards will secure, through expert evidence, compensation for various future care costs depending on your needs.  Reasonable care costs may include: nursing care, housekeeping assistance, modifications to your home, home maintenance, mobility aids, medications, psychological counseling, vocational counseling, chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy and childcare.


To prove your reasonable losses, Richard Edwards will retain occupational therapists, physiatrists, rheumatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, neuropyschologists and child/pediatric educational psychologists.



Victims from motor vehicle accidents in Alberta and British Columbia are automatically entitled to accident benefits.  In Alberta there are Section B benefits available for both medical treatment and lost income.  In British Columbia, there are Part VII benefits available.  Even non motor vehicle related accidents are sometimes eligible for benefits.  Richard Edwards can assist with these benefits.


Contact Richard Edwards as soon as possible after your accident to discuss your entitlement to benefits.  This discussion is of no charge to you and the advice will save you time and frustration in what can be a complex and confusing process. 



Accident victims who sustain serious injuries may have difficulties keeping up with their responsibilities around the home and caring for their families.  Family members and friends that assist a loved one are entitled to compensation for the reasonable service that they provide to the accident victim. The Courts in Canada have consistently recognized the value of services provided by a family member, companion or friend.  Richard Edwards will secure compensation for these losses.



After receipt of disability benefits, accident victims usually still have difficulty make ends meet.  Richard Edwards is extremely successful in receiving advance payments pursuant to Section 581 of the Insurance Act.


We prefer to secure advance payments for our clients in order to avoid costly interest charges levied by credit card companies and settlement loan providers.


Contact Richard Edwards if this is something you need assistance with.

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