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Your Guide to Psychological Trauma

Time and time again, injury lawyers in Calgary have seen how much of an impact psychological trauma has on clients. Trauma, whether emotional or physical, can lead to psychological issues that interfere with your ability to live a normal life. The good news is there are many ways to address these issues to move forward with your life. Part of that journey can mean getting legal help to give closure and begin healing properly from trauma. Learn everything you need to know here. 

How Injury Lawyers in Calgary Define Psychological Trauma

What Is Psychological Trauma?

A traumatic event is one that the victim perceives as dangerous and life-threatening. These events can occur suddenly, without warning, and may result in physical harm or threat. They may also not be instantaneous but may happen over a long period when you are repeatedly exposed to abuse or neglect.

There are several different types of traumatic events, and each can have a different effect on the individual involved. That is why knowing the difference between them is important to determine the best course of action for your case.

What Causes Psychological Trauma?

Psychological trauma is a mental injury caused by a traumatic event that is so dangerous that it has left the victim feeling changed in some way. The trauma may be obvious, such as a car accident, or it may be more subtle and involve changes in emotional responses, perceptions, cognitive functioning and behavioural problems. The severity of the emotional and physical trauma caused by the event is important because it determines how severe the emotional damage is.

What Are the Different Types of Psychological Trauma?

Acute Trauma

Acute trauma is when a significant event or series of events happen to the victim within a short time. These events may be physical or psychological and include any accident, disaster, assault or near-death experience. Acute trauma can occur suddenly without warning but can also happen over time as the victim is repeatedly exposed to abuse or neglect.

Chronic Trauma

Chronic trauma is when a significant event or series of events happen to the victim over a longer period. Chronic trauma can involve a variety of events occurring over many years, such as abuse, neglect, threats and repeated sexual assaults. Emotional and physical responses to these events depend on the type and length of the exposure to these situations. They may be subtle or hidden for years before they become apparent.

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma is another type of trauma that combines two or more of the other types. For example, a child who repeatedly experiences childhood abuse and neglect can be considered a victim of complex trauma because exposure to the events reinforces one another.

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