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Who Qualifies for Legal Aid in Alberta?

Personal injury attorneys, civil law firms, car accident lawyers are all considered expensive personnel. So it goes without saying that many individuals and families struggle when it comes to affording a lawyer. 

That’s why Legal Aid is available throughout Alberta.

But can you apply for it? Are you eligible? Who qualifies for Legal Aid in Alberta? Here is everything you need to know about the service.

The Finer Details of Legal Aid in Alberta 

What is Legal Aid? 

In basic terms, Legal Aid Alberta provides legal assistance for both adults and youth on criminal charges and family matters, including child welfare, divorce support and custody issues. In some cases, they will consider immigration and civil affairs, but these will be evaluated on merit and success chances. 

How does Legal Aid Assess Cases? 

The centres will assess the clients’ needs and guide them to the appropriate stream of legal services. They will provide legal advice, brief services, and referrals. In some cases, a full representation of personal injury attorneys, criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers and so forth can occur. 

Is It Free? 

Unfortunately, legal aid is not free. Recipients could be required to repay the plan, provided it doesn’t cause unnecessary hardship. When the case is concluded, you will receive a statement of account, and a monthly payment schedule will be set up according to your financial situation.

Even if you have to pay back legal aid, you may apply for further financial assistance. 

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Who Qualifies for Legal Aid in Alberta?

You are entitled to accept Legal Aid if you are living on a limited income. That is determined by your net family’s income and assets, which in turn, will tell you which legal services you are eligible for. You will have to provide financial and living arrangement information to the officer when submitting a case. 

For youths who live at home, they must provide information on parents’ or guardians’ income to determine eligibility.

The officer will also consider the complexity of the case, nature of the service applied for, and whether the case has merit. If your income is over the allowable limits, you may still be eligible provided you contribute to the costs.

If your application is rejected, you can appeal the decision by writing a letter. The appeal process usually takes 30 days after they receive the message, so be prepared to wait. 

Speak To Your Personal Injury For Advice

If you do have a strong case and don’t have the funds, your personal injury lawyer can provide you with more information on accessing Legal Aid and whether or not you can hire them for your needs. 

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