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What to Do If Someone Sues You For a Car Accident in Alberta

Injury lawsuits and hiring a car accident lawyer

Car accidents can be a terrifying experience for all involved. In Canada, nearly 100,000 car accidents that cause personal injury occurred in 2020 alone, showcasing how frequently such a frightening event happens. Being sued after a car accident can exacerbate such a traumatic event and cause further worry and stress. Despite such anxiety-inducing feelings that inevitably arise after a car accident and subsequently getting sued, it is paramount to compose yourself and learn about what steps to take afterward. 

Decipher the steps you will need to take after getting sued for a car accident in Alberta and what to look for when hiring a car accident lawyer to assist you in crucial legal matters. 

Legal action after a car accident

After you get into an accident, medical and damage costs can begin to increase to a worrying amount. When someone suffers immensely from a car accident, the decision to sue the other person or at-fault-driver is not made frivolously, particularly when they consult a legal professional. Someone involved in an accident has the legal right to make a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. 

Arbitration and court settlements 

Typically, this personal injury claim process begins with the injured party accessing the other insurance company to file a claim. From there, the two legal parties begin to try to settle the dispute with monetary compensation outside of a court setting, but if an amount is not agreed upon, a formal arbitration process in Alberta will begin. If the arbitration comes to an end with little to no progress, the legal matters will be settled inside a court, usually in front of a judge and rarely including jury involvement. 

Personal injury lawsuit 

If you lack the funds to pay a lump sum of compensation money for damages and do not have an insurance company, the injured party can sue you as an individual. If this happens, the best course of action to take is to hire a car accident lawyer as soon as possible to help you navigate the legalities you soon will be facing. If someone sues your insurance company instead, it is still advisable to seek legal counsel. A lawyer will give you an estimate on the results of this lawsuit and your own chances of success and will be a knowledgeable presence to quell any worries you may have. 

Who pays

When personal injury claims become legal matters, they are usually settled outside of court proceedings. Although there is payment involved that is directed towards the person who made the personal injury claim, many are not privy to who pays during these matters. Most commonly, the insurance provider of those at fault for an accident provides the compensation, but only to a certain point. 

If the payout exceeds what the insurance company provides, the driver must use their own funds to pay. If the at-fault driver is uninsured, it is solely up to them to garner the money to give to the injured party. Whatever route needs to be taken during a lawsuit involving a car accident, it is essential to have a lawyer to guide you through this complex process. 

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