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How To Sue Someone in Alberta

Have you suffered injuries or being wronged by a company or individual? If so, you are entitled to sue them through the Civil Courts of Alberta. 

But how do you sue someone in Alberta? What are the steps that you must take to ensure a successful claim? 

This guide explains how you can take someone to the civil Court with the help of a personal injury lawyer. 

Guide To Suing Someone – By A Personal Injury Lawyer 

Speak To A Personal Injury Lawyer

Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Calgary first to gauge if you have a substantial claim or not. The lawyer can assess your case’s condition and whether or not you have enough grounds and evidence to prove it. 

As for the “what can you sue someone for?” question, that answer is simple: You can sue any individual or company that has wronged you or caused you mental and emotional distress. 

Personal injury laws protect an individual’s rights when they become victims of someone else’s wrongful conduct. Therefore, those unlawful conducts can include anything from accidents and injuries to malpractice and wrongful death. 

If the individual has suffered damages of any sort (including their properties) and has not received adequate or any settlement, they are entitled to sue the individual or company for reparations. 

What Happens Next? 

The lawyer can submit a claim on your behalf, assisting you with documentation and applications. They will hand it directly to the Civil Court and notify you about the process. 

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Once the lawyer has collected all the information, has agreed to a payment plan with you, and confirmed the next steps in the settlement, they will continue working on your case to build the best possible response. 

Does It Have To Go To Court? 

A Calgary personal injury lawyer can negotiate with the party before any court date to resolve any issues. This saves both parties the costs of going to Court and paying legal fees.

If it does go to Court, the personal injury lawyer will act on behalf of the client, gathering evidence and presenting it to the Court. The case may be settled privately or presented in front of a court where a judge and jury hear it.

This is called mediation, and there are many benefits to it, such as it being private, informal, fair on both sides and cost-effective. 

If mediation is not successful, the claim is reviewed by the Court and assigned a Resolution Track, which is when the judge prescribes a method in which the case can be resolved. These can include:

  • Pre-Trial Conference (PTC)
  • Simplified Trial
  • Trial
  • Binding Judicial Dispute Resolution (BJDR) 

If no Resolution Track works, you will be provided with a court date to settle your claim. 

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