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Can You Sue Someone for a Sports Injury?

Injuries in any form are at best an inconvenience, and at worst, a life-changing experience with negative consequences that extends far beyond the injury. The purpose of Calgary injury lawyers is to help individuals who were wrongfully injured recover their health and receive the compensation they deserve for the injury. 

While this definition might seem cut and dry in many situations, there are just as many where this definition fails to recognize the particulars of a case. One of these more murky areas surrounds sports injuries, which we discuss the legitimacy of below.

Can Calgary Injury Lawyers Support Sports-related Injuries?

In most cases, Calgary injury lawyers will not support claims related to sports injuries. This is because there is an assumption of risk that comes with physical activity and team sports. That is to say that you know the risk of injury exists, so you can’t be upset or seek reparations if you get injured during the activity. This logic applies to most situations, but there are a few exceptions. 

When a Calgary Injury Lawyer Might Represent a Sports-related Injury

Injuries that occur in the field of sport or play, but are not related to it, could be potential grounds for a personal injury suit. This would include situations where a rival player or competitor purposely injures you before or after the match. These are spiteful or intentional acts and may be looked at differently by the Calgary injury lawyer you are hoping to represent you.

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Another situation where a suit could occur is intentional recklessness. An example of this would be cutting in front of an opponent during a race, knowing that they could not safely recover as a result. In a similar vein, product liability can sometimes lead to personal injury cases. This is where the manufacturer of a piece of equipment produces a faulty unit that leads to an injury. 

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