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Can You Be Fired Without Cause in Alberta?

Being an employee and the culture of work has changed a lot in the last hundred or so years. Prior to and during the Industrial Revolution, workers were fairly close to slaves, with children working underage, men working long hours in brutal conditions and women having to maintain an increasingly complex home. 

With safety standards, minimum wage legislation, Calgary injury lawyers and unions, our modern age is a far cry from these hard times. While it wasn’t easy, the luxuries it affords are fantastic and beneficial for the majority of our citizens, but new rules aren’t always straightforward. Legislation tends to get a bit technical and involved, even when it comes to protecting workers.

Luckily, answering the question “can you be fired without cause in Alberta” is relatively straightforward. Essentially, it comes down to your current status as a worker. Our Calgary injury lawyers explain in more detail below.

What is a Probationary Period?

The probationary period of a job begins on your first day of work and typically continues for the next 90 days. This may be extended internally within the company, but the rules that govern termination will not. The rules we are speaking about, by the way, are the employment standards put out by the Alberta Government. 

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If you are still within the probationary period of your employment, your employer may terminate your employment at any time without cause. As an employee, you are also entitled to this action and may quit at any time you choose. 

What Happens After the Probationary Period?

After the first 90 days of your employment are up, the rules change. Both you and your employer can no longer terminate your employment without just cause and sufficient notice. The amount of notice required from the employer will vary depending on the length of time you’ve been employed. Employees are required to give one week’s notice or two if employed for longer than two years. 

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