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The Average Car Accident Settlement in Alberta

Car accident lawyer: Average car accident settlement

Television and films that showcase a court of law often depict the legal process as a constant thill, but that’s not always the case. In Canada, the law process differs from what we see in the media, often depicting American justice in action. Legal processes in the great north tend to be more mundane, with no type of legal settlement that is viewed as a “lottery.” Legal settlements, in terms of vehicle accidents, are a thorough process that requires the plaintiff to seek legal assistance through a car accident lawyer

Find out all about the average car accident settlement in Alberta and its legalities. 

Settlement length

After getting into a car accident, the last thing on your mind could be seeking a settlement through the Canadian legal system. But when injuries are sustained that can cause you to miss work and lose money as medical bills pile up, sometimes trying to obtain a settlement is more beneficial than not. On average, reaching a resolution can take up to 18-24 months for a legal payment. 

The length is often due to the acquisition of your long-term medical bills so you and your lawyer can ascertain how much long-term care will be when estimating a settlement conducive to your needs.

Legal assistance 

As per the Guide to Claims, a document found on the Canadian government website, you should always seek legal guidance and advice after the incident occurs. Finding a reliable lawyer within the area will give you the proper guidance on broaching the complicated legalities of receiving accident compensation. Legal assistance will ensure that you take the appropriate steps and make calculated decisions that will help give you a settlement that will help you process and recover from the accident. 

Average settlement 

The car accident settlement in Alberta is around $50,000 for typical injuries associated with a car accident. For life-threatening injuries caused by car accidents involving large, commercial vehicles, these settlements can amount to $500,000 to even around 1 million, depending on the accident’s severity and injuries involved. 

How the settlement is calculated

Settlements are initially calculated by adding up the economic losses endured as a direct result of the car accident. These losses typically involve medical costs and a loss of wages and future losses that will be faced from future care, and the loss of capacity to earn money. 

Negotiations and trial

With the help of your car accident lawyer, negotiations will begin as a conversation between you and your lawyer and the defendant. Through these conversations, an offer will be presented to you by your lawyer, and you can decide whether or not to accept. Your lawyer will help advise you in regard to taking the offer, and if it is rejected, negotiations will continue until an impasse is reached, in which the case will go into litigation. 

If you want to take the negotiations to court, a court case can be scheduled where both sides will provide the presiding judge with information about the accident and its injuries. If the judge makes no-decision after being presented with information, the case will be presented by a jury. 

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