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3 Crucial Questions to Ask A Calgary Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen. Incidents occur. Whatever the case, you’re ultimately left with an injury that deserves compensation. When seeking legal action, you want to find an injury lawyer in Calgary that you can trust to ensure your case runs smoothly and win your case. The best way to find a good one is by asking the right questions and how well they respond to them. If you’re uncertain what kind of questions to ask an injury lawyer, here are a few of the most important ones you can ask. 

Top Questions to Ask An Injury Lawyer in Calgary 

Question #1: Is There Any Value In Pursuing My Case?

A good injury lawyer in Calgary does their best to estimate your claim’s value accurately. To properly answer your question, they will need to truly understand the details of your case and consult the necessary experts (e.g. your doctor). Once they’ve gathered everything together, they should explain the value and potential difficulties. However, that’s not realistic. A good lawyer will be upfront about any potential roadblocks you may encounter during your case and what can be done about it (e.g. possibly preparing for court). That also means they are transparent about legal costs changes if the case takes a different direction. 

Question #2: What’s Your Experience in Handling a Case Like Mine?

When making an injury claim, you want to ensure your lawyer has plenty of experience in similar cases. You can ensure this by asking about how many times they’re won those types of cases and about the outcomes (e.g. having to go to trial or reach a settlement). Depending on their answer, it can give you an idea of how invested they are in your case and their capabilities. You can also use this question to ask about any references to clients with similar cases they’ve worked on before. Their testimonials can give you a better idea of whether you’re in good hands. Consider it a red flag if a lawyer is apprehensive or doesn’t provide any! 

Question #3: How Will You Communicate With Me About My Case?

You want a good working relationship with your lawyer. That starts by seeing whether they can communicate well with you. For some clients, consistent communication is imperative throughout the process. If a lawyer can’t manage to do that, they could potentially have more cases they’re working on. Therefore, it’s good to follow up with another question about how many cases they currently have. After all, if you want them to focus on your case, you don’t want their attention to be divided. Also, if you have questions, you want to understand where to direct them. Depending on the lawyer, it could be themselves, a paralegal, or a secretary. Based on your level of involvement and communication style, it’s best to find a lawyer to meet those expectations since it will make working on your case much easier. A better working relationship with your lawyer ensures your money is well-spent. 

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