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When should I contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Retaining a lawyer as soon as possible post-accident is extremely important. Richard Edwards will guide you through important first steps and provide critical guidance for the entire process. You have a 2 year limitation from the date of the accident to file a claim against the other party involved in the accident.

Do you only take on clients who were involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents?
  • No, Richard Edwards currently has files involving pedestrian/motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and falls, occupational liability accidents, sports accidents, dog attacks and sexual assaults.
  • We have represented clients with severe injuries, including:
    • Head injury
    • Brain Injury
    • Severe back/spinal cord injuries
    • Wrongful death/fatality
    • Sexual assault
    • Orthopaedic injury
    • Knee/ankle/shoulder/ankle/hip/wrist injuries
    • Chronic pain
    • Psychological injuries
    • TMJ injuries
    • Quadriplegia
    • Paraplegia
Do you take on clients that live in a different city, province or country?
Yes, we have clients throughout Canada and the United States If your accident occurred in Alberta, we will be able to assist you.
Do I need a lawyer if a member of my family has been killed in an accident?
Yes, a wrongful death claim can be brought against the responsible party with the help of a lawyer.
I was seriously injured in an accident but I can’t afford lawyer fees.  What should I do?
The initial consultation is always free of charge even if you decide not to proceed with opening a claim. We work on a contingency basis which means that we will deduct an agreed upon percentage of your settlement at the conclusion of your file. We will never charge you for any lawyer fees or disbursements while we are working on your personal injury claim.
What is my case worth?
We are only able to provide you with an accurate valuation when we have obtained all evidence, including medical reports and economic calculations. Richard Edwards will ensure that you receive these reports and calculations from leading medical and economic experts. The different damages that we consider are general damages (pain and suffering), special damages (out of pocket expenses), past and future loss of income, housekeeping and attendant care expenses, and future cost of care expenses.
Should I accept the compensation that the other party’s insurance company offers me after the accident?
If you choose to accept this compensation, your claim will be considered closed. You will not be able to re-open it in the event you feel you deserve more money. Insurance companies may not offer you what your claim is worth. If you feel you are not being provided with a fair offer, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. Richard Edwards will assess your claim for its full potential.
Should I report my injuries to my insurance company following the accident?
Yes, you have “Section B” benefits through your insurance policy that will cover your treatment for two years following an accident. There are time limits on opening a Section B claim through your insurance provider, so make sure you contact them immediately following an accident if you have any injuries/symptoms. Your insurance company will require you to complete multiple forms, including the Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim and Treatment Plan forms. They will also require written treatment recommendations from a doctor. When you retain Richard Edwards as your lawyer, he will help you through this process.
Should I see a doctor following an accident even if my injuries are minor?
Yes, you should always see a doctor to report any symptoms and injuries that you are experiencing. Make sure to follow all treatment advice your doctor may give you in order to mitigate your losses should you decide to open a claim.
I am not able to work due to my injuries.  What income supplement resources do I have?
Multiple options are available, including: Third-party disability insurance Disability insurance provided through employer Income replacement benefits provided through auto insurance company Employment Insurance (EI) Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Disability Benefits Alberta Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)
What information do I need to obtain at the scene of an accident?
Names, addresses and phone numbers of all other drivers and any witnesses. Date, time and location of accident. Description of the weather conditions and any road hazards. Insurance and registration information of all parties involved. Police Accident Report
How long will it take to settle my claim?
Every claim is different and this will depend on various factors including the extent of your injuries, complexity of the accident and liability, the number of parties involved, etc. A personal injury claim will involve an Examination or Questioning and potentially a Mediation and if necessary a Trial. Richard Edwards has over 25 years experience in settling personal injury claims and will properly invest in your case to help maximize compensation.
What is an Examination or Questioning?
This is an important pre-trial step where lawyers will ask questions to the other parties to get a better understanding of the claim. Common questions include: How did the accident happen? What injuries did you sustain and how are they affecting your every-day life? What treatment have you required since the accident? How has the accident affected your employment/educational pursuits, etc.
What is a Mediation?
Mediation is a form of alternate dispute resolution. Once all necessary evidence is obtained, all parties can agree to a Mediation with a third- party mediator to facilitate the parties in coming to a settlement.
Will my case go to trial?
The majority of our claims do not require a Trial for resolution. Most claims can be resolved through settlement negotiations. We will often book a trial date in the future in the event we are unsuccessful in our settlement attempts. Richard Edwards will personally take your case to Trial if necessary. He has the experience to see your case through from beginning to end.
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