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You want a lawyer who will take your case to trial if necessary. Richard has successful trial experience and will not refer your case to another lawyer should your claim need to be resolved in a court of law.  

Over 25 Years Successfully Fighting For The Injured

Richard has a proven track record of successfully resolving claims in a caring, honest and respectful manner. Each client is unique and Richard has the knowledge to help with diverse injuries and accidents. 

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Your case should not be rushed in order to obtain a quick, short term result.  Serious injuries require expert analysis and this takes time and resources. We will invest in your case to maximize your compensation. 

Richard Edwards Will Personally Handle Your Case

When you retain Richard Edwards, you get Richard Edwards.  Richard and his team will take care of you from the very first steps to completion.  You are not a number, but a valued client whom we will take care of.

What is Family Protection Endorsement?

The Family Protection Endorsement, also known as SEF 44 Alberta, is optional insurance coverage that protects the driver and their families if, in the event of an accident, the wrongdoer is not insured or inadequately insured. It also covers the driver if no one is at fault, or the accident is a hit-and-run. If you have been involved in any car accident that has left you or your family member seriously injured, don’t miss out on the chance to get the compensation you need for your medical treatment. Edwards Injury Law can take control of your case and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your SEF 44 Endorsement in Alberta. We will take the necessary steps and use the resources at our disposal to ensure that you get the additional amount sufficient to cover any injuries sustained by you or your family.

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Navigating Your Family Protection Endorsement Compensation Claim

Your SEF 44 Alberta is accessed through your own insurance company. However, it can be complicated to file the application and guarantee that you get the money you need for your treatment. It can be much easier if you have the team from Edwards Injury Law on your side. With our experience in insurance law, car accidents and compensation, we understand the complexities and nuances of the law to submit your compensation claim successfully. We can assess your accident, as well as your insurer’s coverage, to provide you with the backbone to file your application. We will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve, regardless of how long it takes. You won’t miss out on any compensation with our Richard Edwards and his team handling your case.


Contact Edwards Injury Law To Get The Most Out Of Your Family Protection Endorsement

The team here at Edwards Injury Law has been helping Albertans get the compensation they need to get back to their normal lives. We will pursue your SEF 44 Alberta insurance company until the very end, so you get what you are entitled to. With our years of experience in handling insurance claims and car accidents, our team knows what to do in every situation. We will assess your case on its merits, build a strong foundation and apply for the maximum compensation. For support when it comes to your Family Protection Endorsement claim, contact Richard Edwards and his team for a no-charge consultation and opinion on your accident. It won’t cost you anything to get an opinion from Calgary’s best lawyer. 

What information do I need to obtain at the scene of an accident?
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of all other drivers and any witnesses.
  • Date, time and location of accident.
  • Description of the weather conditions and any road hazards.
  • Insurance and registration information of all parties involved.
  • Police Accident Report
When should I contact a personal injury lawyer? 

Retaining a lawyer as soon as possible post-accident is extremely important. Richard Edwards will guide you through important first steps and provide critical guidance for the entire process.  You have a 2 year limitation from the date of the accident to file a claim against the other party involved in the accident. 

Do I need a lawyer if a member of my family has been killed in an accident? 

Yes, a wrongful death claim can be brought against the responsible party with the help of a lawyer.

I was seriously injured in an accident but can't afford lawyer fees. What should I do? 

The initial consultation is always free of charge even if you decide not to proceed with opening a claim. We work on a contingency basis which means that we will deduct an agreed upon percentage of your settlement at the conclusion of your file. We will never charge you for any lawyer fees or disbursements while we are working on your personal injury claim.

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