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At Edwards Injury Law, a premier legal establishment in Alberta, Richard Edwards proudly serves as your trusted personal injury lawyer in Calgary. With 30+ years of professional experience, he embodies an unparalleled commitment to championing your cause. Specializing exclusively in personal injury law, he navigates the complexities of your case with precision and passion, tirelessly fighting to safeguard your rights and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.
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Meet a Leader in Personal Injury Law

Richard Edwards

Richard Edwards has exclusively practiced Personal Injury Law for over 30 years. Being a leader in his field, he’s who other lawyers go to for education, advice and assistance. It’s who the most injured go to for help. Richard helps clients in the most severe of accidents. He guides clients calmly, compassionately and professionally because he knows what to do to get the best results. Each client and accident is different, but Richard can deliver the best results for each one.


As your Personal Injury Lawyer, Richard Edwards will competently commit to investing in your case and standing up for you as an injured individual. Richard’s work will result in the best possible compensation for your serious injuries.

Empowering Voices, Pursuing Justice

Our Ongoing Work & Advocacy in the Humboldt Broncos Case

“Edwards Injury Law is guiding me through the complex lawsuit arising from the Humboldt Broncos Tragedy”
- Ryan Straschnitzki
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Success in the

The legal environment in Alberta is such that most cases do not go to “trial” or to the “courtroom”. Most cases are settled by mediation in a law office. However, if your case does need to go to trial, Richard Edwards has actual, successful trial experience and he will personally handle your case either through mediation or through trial.

30+ Years
of Experience

This means that Richard has extensive first hand knowledge of a huge range of accidents, precedents and the law. It means that when he represents you, he knows what he’s doing and can guide you through the process with ease, confidence and compassion. Richard uses his experience to get you the best compensation possible.

Zero Upfront

This means that you don’t pay any fees until the case is settled for your personal injury claims. We will hire the best medical and professional experts to assist with your case. You are able to access professional legal representation without any upfront costs.

Resource Allocation

We focus on getting it right, not just getting it done fast. Our goal is to make sure you get the most compensation possible. By putting our time and resources into your case, we can create a plan that fits your situation perfectly, increasing the chances of a favourable outcome.

Personalized Guidance
From Start to Finish

Choosing Richard Edwards means receiving his personal attention throughout your case. He and our dedicated team will guide you from start to a successful finish.

Our Practice Areas

Richard Edwards, your dedicated and experienced personal injury lawyer, brings a wealth of knowledge to your case. You can rely on our comprehensive services to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

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No Upfront Fees, No Stress.

Our Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer Works on a
No-Fee Basis Until Your Case is Resolved.

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Our Injury Lawyer Has the Experience You Need

Motorcycle Accident Case/Wrongful Death Claim

Baker v Poucette
  • Mary Baker tragically lost her husband while he was riding his motorcycle on the 1A Highway.
  • The Insurance Company for the Defendant bitterly fought liability and damages and was unwilling to compensate the victim’s family.
  • Richard Edwards successfully won his trial and again through the appeal process. The Alberta Court of Appeal even adopted Edwards Injury Law’s argument and stated that the Insurance Company’s claims were “repugnant and contrary to the principles of fairness.”
  • Recognized in the Canadian Legal Expert Directory as a Leading Practitioner in Alberta for Personal Injury.
  • Demonstrates genuine empathy and understanding, drawing from his own personal experience with illness and recovery.
  • Born and raised in Calgary, Richard has over 30 years of experience working in the city. He is dedicated to assisting his clients, advocating for their rights, and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.


Richard Edwards - personal injury lawyer in Calgary

The Process of Dealing With a Personal Injury Claim

Seek Immediate
Medical Attention

Seeking immediate medical treatment after an injury is essential for your recovery and building a strong foundation for any potential legal case. It also ensures your injuries are properly documented and demonstrates your commitment to addressing your health needs.

Document Information
at the Scene

Describe how the injury happened and the circumstances surrounding it. This could include details about the accident, location, and parties involved.

Report the Accident
to the Police

Contacting law enforcement ensures that an official record of the incident is created, which can be vital for any potential legal proceedings. Provide the police with a detailed account of what happened, including relevant information about the accident, the location, and any parties involved.

Consult With a
Personal Injury Lawyer

We will assess your case during your initial consultation to determine if there's a viable personal injury claim and advise you on the next steps to take.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer By Your Side

Receive Experienced Guidance in Tough Times

With 30 years of legal experience in Alberta, Richard Edwards brings extensive knowledge to the table. He’s encountered many accident and injury cases in the province, giving him a deep understanding of the legal landscape of personal injury claims.


However, what sets our firm apart isn’t just Richard’s extensive legal background in handling cases involving trauma, insurance claims, and the complexities of pain and suffering compensation. A personal battle with a life-threatening, flesh-eating disease has given Richard firsthand insight into the overwhelming challenges his clients face. This unique combination of local legal experience and personal resilience shapes his daily approach.


When you choose a Calgary-based personal injury lawyer, choose someone who truly understands your experience and prioritizes your needs. Richard Edwards and his team are committed to treating you as their top priority, ensuring you receive the exceptional representation you deserve.

Put Your Case in Trusted Hands.

Asked Questions

It’s important to reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. At Edwards Injury Law, Richard Edwards will help you navigate the essential initial steps and provide ongoing support throughout the legal process. However, it is important to keep in mind that there’s a two-year window from the date of the accident to file a claim against the other party involved.

No, you don’t. We have a no-fee guarantee for personal injury cases, which means you won’t be charged until we successfully settle your claim. Our main goal is to get the best outcome for you and make sure you’re taken care of. You can trust us to handle your case and work towards getting you the compensation you deserve, without adding any financial stress while you recover.

While efficiency is important, our main focus is delivering the best possible outcome for you. Richard Edwards takes a careful approach, valuing quality over speed. Your case will get the attention it needs, and we’ll only settle when it’s truly in your best interest, even if it means taking extra time. If required, we’re ready to go to court to ensure you get a positive outcome for your lawsuit.

At Edwards Injury Law, we stand out for our personalized approach and unwavering commitment to our clients. Richard Edwards puts accessibility first, making sure you feel supported and informed throughout your legal journey. Whether it’s keeping communication open or offering flexible meeting options, we strive to represent your best interests and deliver exceptional service tailored to your specific situation.

Your time is valuable, and we recognize the urgency of your situation. At Edwards Injury Law, we are committed to swift responses, typically getting back to you within the same day or 24 hours at most. We offer flexible communication options, including in-person meetings and Zoom consultations, to accommodate your preferences and ensure your needs are met promptly.

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